Monday, September 07, 2015

Yes, I keep buying autumnal clothing. No, autumn doesn't even seem to be close! Canada is unpredictable when it comes to weather, but the stores don't care about that, and frankly, I don't care either! As you may or may not have already read, I recently bought two autumnal cardigans from H&M, but that didn't stop me from continuing my hunt for more cosy sweaters!

Joe Fresh is a very high quality brand, I feel. Affordable, yet very, very chic. It does seems strange that the only location of Joe Fresh that I know of is at my local supermarket, but I guess it's quite convenient to do your groceries and shop for clothing at the same time!

This sweater is a light sweater perfect for the beginning of fall or with layers when it gets even cooler. What first drew me to this sweater was the lovely lavender colour! I've never had any other colour like it in my wardrobe before. It also came in other colours, however, such as black, grey, and a beautiful mustard colour. The pattern is a mosaic of diamonds on the front and its sleeves, with a solid knit at the back.

 The second sweater I got is something I've actually been looking for quite a while: a chunky and thick knit sweater. I also was looking for it in this same colour! This sweater is the cosiest thing ever and practically screams autumn! This may be my new favourite sweater! This sweater also came in black, white, navy, and red.

It's also worth mentioning that I recommend getting a size smaller than your normal size; I'm usually a size small, but extra-small was a much better fit.

I think my wardrobe is now complete for the upcoming cold seasons. 
Tell me what you think of this haul and how excited you are for fall!

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