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Sunday, November 08, 2015

I really like this idea of compiling recent Instagram photos into a collage and elaborating on them. So, starting now, I plan on showcasing a few of my most recent Instagram photos every once in a while. And of course, insert self promo here: follow me on Instagram to see more!

Instagram @mademoiselleclary
1. "Perfect Palette👌💞🌸"
I was actually going through my wardrobe to see what I was going to wear the next day (which is something I must do or else I would always be late) and these clothing pieces just happened to be together and it caught my eye. Most of my wardrobe consists of these colours: nudes and monochromes, so I just wanted to capture my favourite colour palette!

2. " [Insert Unicorn emoji since I have yet to update my MacBook] (100th post! 🎉)
I was (and currently am) in the phase of revisiting my favourite nail polishes and of course, Essie was definitely one of them. This one is called "Lilacism" and it is a lavender with a hint of "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie. If you'd like for me to write a post on my nail polish collections, leave a comment below! And very importantly, this post was my 100th post!

3. "💻"
Yes, this is the typical "tumblr-esque" post, but I like it. Not much to say, it's just my laptop (with my tumblr blog), planner, pen, and of course, as always, an Eiffel Tower peaking at the back.

4. "Crocodile Eyes 🐊"
So, if you haven't see my June Favourites video, we adopted a kitten! We have had him for a few months now and I love more and more each day. We always describe his eyes as crocodile eyes, the reason being obviously that his eyes look crocodile eyes, and in this photo, it was very apparent.

5. "👛"
As mentioned before, my wardrobe consists of a lot of nude and this includes my most favourite colour ever: pale pink. So, of course I had to layout my favourite pale pink/nude accessories. 

6. " Pretty Boy 😼"
Is it weird to have a pet name for your pet? Whatever the answer, I do have one for him and it's "Pretty Boy" haha.

7. "Red leaves and willow trees 🌲🍁❤️💚"
I'm a sucker for a rhyme especially one that asks for it. Irrelevantly, my favourite trees are willow trees.

8. "Halloween Prepping. Well, actually trick or treating prepping! 😁🎃👻🍫😈"
I'm definitely one of those festive crazed people whether it be for Halloween, New Years, or birthdays. Considering how I'm out of high school, this does mean that not much thought is put into my costumes which were always creative costumes that I mix-and-matched for such as a cop, referee, and nerd. Anyway, I picked up a simple (and cliche) costume as a devil, wore all black, and swiped bright red lipstick. I didn't go to any parties, so you can sure guess that I went trick-or-treating! Who says you're too young to go trick-or-treating?

Well, this was fun. It's quite inserting and fun to read more about what goes on behind an Instagram photo. Let me know what you think of these and stay tuned for more! Also, let me know what what you dressed as for Halloween!

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