Merlot Love

Friday, October 09, 2015

My kind of style isn't really regarded as "casual", therefore, wearing an ordinary knapsack (especially for university) wasn't an option for me. But my dilemma was this: I didn't have any proper bag to stylishly transport my laptop to school. So, I turned to my favourite bag store of all time: Danier. Danier is a specialized leather goods store; in other words, it sells all things leather! All my bags are from Danier, therefore, this store was the first place I looked. It was also the last. I fell in love with this knapsack! It's definitely no ordinary backpack with its all leather, classy style, and gorgeous merlot colour (also came in black)!

So basically, this bag is my laptop bag and it does the job perfectly! It would depend, I presume, on the type of your laptop, however. I have a MacBook Pro (blogpost here), and it doesn't have any problem carrying it. 

Have you tried anything from Danier? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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