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Sunday, December 20, 2015

I've recently discovered that I am one of those people who loves gift giving. I'm also the kind of person that prepares things well in advance. So, when it was my mother's birthday, I was extremely excited to pick out a collection of gifts and prepare them in the prettiest way possible. The first store that popped in my head was also my last since I felt no need to look anywhere else: Indigo. If you're not familiar with the store, it's basically a bookstore, but sells a lot more than that. From accessories to electronics, to novelties, to decor, it's the ultimate miscellany-specialized store containing loads of pretty items from brands as well as from Indigo themselves. I shopped for all of these items online and it came in less than 2 days! It's worth mentioning that it's always savvy to sign up with your email before purchasing something online since you get a promo code; I saved $5! Also, it's a great idea to sign up for their 'Plum Rewards' which is in essence, a points card that you can redeem for dollars. You can just do this online for free! I think this post also comes in a good time as it can give you some inspiration for gifts for the holiday season. Anyway, on to the haulin':

1 & 2. Mugs (Deer & Paris)
I believe a mug is one of the best gifts to give anyone. Everyone drinks some sort of substance, right? Adorn the gift in a cute animal illustration and smack on a pun, and voila: an adorable (and usable) gift. I got this deer mug for the present I was going to give. This mug is quite large, so it's a perfect value for money. This mug also comes in a variety of other animals and funny sayings. Or, Indigo also supplies a multitude of other styles ranging from unique prints to simple monogram mugs, like this Parisienne one! I got this one for myself actually since I was in need of one. I mean, we have quite a lot of mugs already, but I always think that mugs should be something that represents you and is quite personal, so when I saw this, I had to have it! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with all things Paris and French, so smack an Eiffel Tower on something, and it's sold by me!

3. Pen
Again, a pen is a practical gift which is a great thing since you'll know that the person will definitely get a good use out of it. Indigo has a vast collection of pretty pens ranging from less expensive ones to more luxury ones. This one is a clean and simple, yet pretty white pen with gold accents and a quote that reminds us of something that we all need to know from time to time: "Practice Reckless Optimism". The pen is encased in a beautiful floral box, making the pen easier to wrap and just overall prettier! (The pen is in black ink.)

4. Pouch
A pretty pouch is another item that almost everyone needs as you can never have enough since they always come in handy. The faux-leather material and pretty floral pattern make a practical pouch also attractive eye-candy, making it another perfect gift especially for those who are more on the girly-er side. This pouch also comes in a medium and large size (this one is in small).

5 & 6. Books: Brothers Karamazov & The Bell Jar
These books were for myself actually and they were something that I also had my eye on for a while. Now, I'm part of the reader population that basically only reads classic novels and literature; yes, this means reading books extending back to the 19th century and I absolutely love it. I also usually read books that I want to read on my kobo e-reader, but if I have a feeling that I will want a book or if it's by favourite author, then I've got to buy it. My favourite author is Dostoevsky (my #1 favourite novel is by him called Crime and Punishment) and so I had to have Brothers Karamazov. In fact, before I decided on this book, I found myself constantly encountering beautiful and thoughtful quotes on tumblr and almost all of them were cited from this book, so that's when I knew I had to read the entire book. Dostoevsky writes a lot about man vs. self conflicts, so the plots are quite psychological and profound which is right up my alley. So I did, and might I add, this cover is absolutely adorable and beautiful (the cover is just a bonus; don't judge a book by its cover!). I also got The Bell Jar after reading almost every review describing author, Sylvia Plath's extremely vivid writing style. Also, the book is again quite psychological which is another reason why it attracts me. Expect book reviews coming soon! (Read my book review on The Bell Jar.)

So this is my Indigo haul. I hope this gave you some insight as to what you can possibly gift others with or add to your wishlist. What is your favourite item?

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