L'Oréal Paris Le Matte Lippies

Monday, January 18, 2016

L'Oréal Paris Le Matte Lippies Haul Review

Whenever I would think about drugstore beauty brands, I would never think about L'Oréal Paris. I'm not too sure why, and thinking back, I now believe that I may have been missing out. During the holidays, I was scrolling down my Instagram feed when I came across a sponsored post from L'Oréal Paris Canada, promoting their holiday giveaway stating to just follow and comment on the post and you could win their lippies. What was there to lose? So I entered the contest and the next day, I was proclaimed the winner! In a few weeks time, I received my prize at my doorstop. I feel like I should take the moment to briefly mention that it was very nice of them to do the giveaway and they even wrapped the prize in pretty pink tissue paper with a lovely personalized note!

L'Oréal Paris Le Matte Lippies Haul Review

Now on to the review. These lippies are the Le Matte Lippies and they are part of a range that includes other shades as well as La Laque Lippies which are as you can tell, shiny rather than its matte counterpart. If you've been following my blog for a while now, you may have gotten the idea that I only ever wear matte formulations so it was quite coincidental that they sent only matte ones! 
L'Oréal Paris Le Matte Lippies Haul Review
Top to bottom: She's So Matte (102); Mad for Matte (106); Matte for Me (100); Matte-r of Fact (108)
L'Oréal Paris Le Matte Lippies Haul Review Swatches
Left to right: She's So Matte (102); Mad for Matte (106); Matte for Me (100); Matte-r of Fact (108)
She's So Matte (102) is a medium tan nude colour which is really in trend right now. 
Mad for Matte (106) is a beautiful vibrant pink with a hint of berry.
Matte-r of Fact (108) is my favourite shade which I've actually been wanting in my collection. It's a pretty magenta; pink with more purple.
Matte for Me (100) is a vivid true red.

These lippies are amazing! They are matte, highly pigmented, and as it says on the packaging, has a velvety feel. They are not drying on the lips at all! I feel like nowadays, lipsticks are diverting away from the typical stubby tube packaging and are transforming into lengthy skinny tubes. This is great because then the lipsticks are thin enough to first line your lips with and then colour the rest of your lips in!

I guess the only negativity there is about these is the smell as it smells of play dough which I am not a fan of, but it is tolerable nonetheless.

I absolutely love this range and I highly recommend it! Have you tried them? Which shade of these is your favourite?

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