Monday, January 04, 2016

Confession time. I've committed a sin. Or rather, I bought one? Okay, that's enough for the puns; what this post is actually about is Mac's Sin lipstick. 

I've been in need of a dark, deep, vampy red shade especially for the autumn and winter seasons. So, I searched the vast range of MAC lipsticks that would fit the description and I narrowed it down to two: Diva vs. Sin. Searching up the swatches online of the two shades honestly really complicated the decision-making process since they looked almost identical, but once I actually went into the MAC store and swatched the two, it was clear as day which I wanted. If you have the same dilemma as me, I hope this will help: Diva is simply a deep red shade, extremely similar to Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 107. Sin, on the other hand, was exactly what I was looking for: a deep vampy burgundy.

MAC's Sin
The lipstick is a matte finish which is my favourite. It does a apply a bit dryly, but it is tolerable (perhaps by adding a bit of lip balm or moisturizing lip cream underneath first). The shade is absolutely beautiful on the lips. Don't be afraid by what you see in the tube as it does indeed look nearly black; it is more burgundy on the lips, but still dark of course. The shade I presume is very popular especially since the lady at the MAC store told me that many others asked for the same shade  before me that day. It's no wonder!

This was actually my first MAC lipstick and I genuinely believe that purchasing your first MAC lipstick should be considered as a somewhat celebratory milestone, haha! Anyway, I am very glad that I got what I wanted and I hope this post has perhaps helped you in clarifying its shade. I totally recommend this lipstick if you are also in need of a vampy shade!

Have you tried MAC's Sin? What are your favourite vampy shades for this season? 

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