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Friday, July 01, 2016

90s trend denim brown liquid lipstick kylie lip kit patches pins choker
I find it so interesting when a current beauty and fashion trend is a revival from a trend that originated decades ago. It's almost as if we've run out of ideas! There's nothing to complain about: the 90s represents one of the most distinctive beauty and fashion trends that took over the world during its time. Equally powerful, its current revival has once again become all the rage along with an injection of 21st-century modernity. There's something quite unifying with reviving a decades-old era as the newer generations are enabled to intersect with the older-aged groups, thereby fulfilling nostalgia for the latter and embracing a fresh fad for the former.

Brown lips and coloured eyelashes. Very distinctive of the grunge and borderline bizarre 90s look. Nonetheless, it's back with the help of high end and high street brands. From the new Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture coloured mascaras, to the sought-after Kylie Lip Kits, it's not difficult to realize that these trends are back as strong (if not stronger) as ever. 

The 90s is practically synonymous to grunge, although in 2016, the grunge is a tad bit toned-down, while still conveying and maintaining its retro vibe. First off, denim is once again incorporated in almost every clothing item: tops, bottoms, dresses, and especially A-line skirts. There's something so classic-American about the denim skirt, that it brings the question of why it ever got out of style. 
Equally trendy, the bomber jacket is also impossible to avoid. I find it interesting how a jacket has become all the rage in the middle of summer, but it has always been included year-round in the 90s. Back then, the bomber jacket was yet again another opportunity to involve colour and crazy patterns. Still, the bomber jacket represents quite an unconventional piece, with questionable fabric choices of velvet and silk, along with interesting prints and embroidery. Also in line with the 90s grunge look, the platform shoe has now transformed into the flatform sandal, making it less harsh - and more comfortable!

The choker is obviously seen everywhere. From thick black velvet, to thin string, to dangling dainty charms, the variations are endless, each conveying a different vibe of grunge, punk, and even western boho-chic. Round sunglasses are also classic and ultra retro, but with the modern twist of colourful reflective lenses, the 90s pair is now characterized with a futuristic element, with an unusual juxtaposition of classic style. Finally, are pins and patches. I distinctly remember when I was a child and my mom would sew patches onto any of my denim attire. Well, it's back again, injecting a youthful flair to the grown ups; it's borderline tacky, but wildly intriguing!

I've also compiled a roundup of these trendy 90s pieces onto Listory which is a brilliant site where you can easily create lists and share your story. Check mine out by clicking below or here!


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