Little Ways To Style Your Home

Saturday, June 20, 2015

There are so many simple yet cute ways to style your home -- without breaking the bank. If you feel the need to change up your entire home or only a room or two, you shouldn't feel the need to necessarily conduct a full-on renovation. And that's what this post is all about: changing your home's look with little adjustments, but making a BIG difference. 

I don't have my own home so whenever I like to style or change up my space, it's usually just in my bedroom. Having said that, my tips obviously don't limit to just the bedroom; in fact, you can apply them anywhere! 

As I've gotten older, I've definitely wanted to change up my room according to my taste and of course, my age. Overall, I didn't have a problem with the theme of my room, but there were definitely things I needed to change and with just a few adjustments, replacements, and additions, I am now enjoying my room a lot better. 

This turned out to be quite a lengthy introduction. Bet you're ready for some pictures and tips now, huh? Well, here we go!


Flowers are an excellent choice to injecting some colour and life into a room. I prefer artificial flowers as they last forever and have no maintenance. The upside to real flowers, however, is that they fill the room with delicious scents! Either way, flowers are an essential for a room. Take the opportunity to add even more by placing the flowers in a pretty vase. I bought the flowers and vase from IKEA which has a vast selection of flowers and vases that you can mix and match together until you finally make the perfect vase of flowers. Whether you make it large and attention grabbing or little and cute, the combination of the pretty, bright flowers with a unique vase makes a beautiful addition to the room!


Who says makeup and perfume belong inside the boudoir? Your beauty products can double as decor! Lipsticks, perfume, makeup brushes are all excellent accessories to display on your table. Find a pretty tray to place these products on and maybe even some dried flower petals like how I did, and you're done! You filled up that empty space on your table by simply placing your makeup OUT of the drawers!


Wall stickers and decals are so easy yet makes a HUGE difference in the overall look of your room. It can totally set the theme and colour palette of your room. You can choose flat wallpaper stickers or 3-dimensional style. There are so many selections out there to choose from that can cater to your wants and needs.  I bought my wall sticker from a local dollar store and I love it! From an entire wall to a corner of the room, you've conquered the white wall blandness by just adding a pretty, colourful design.



 Hanging dividers makes an absolute difference especially if you have an adjoining room such a bathroom. It effectively divides the rooms in a very pretty and delicate way so you don't have to close the door (which can make the room appear smaller!). There are lots of different styles such as beaded curtains or plastic ones with many different designs. You can also get room dividers that are panels rather than hanging curtains which you can get from Bed Bath & Beyond.


Ornaments are among the most simple accessories and decor you can add to a space where you can hang almost anywhere! I have ornaments of different styles on almost all of my door handles and knobs. Want to go all the way? Hang them on lamp screws! You can choose large, statement ornaments or little, delicate ones; either way, they add a beautiful touch!


Who says boxes need to be boring? Who says boxes should be concealed? If you got pretty ones, flaunt it! I got my Parisienne box from HomeSense and I absolutely love it. It's important not to forget that decor can be in the form of almost anything!


 Need a piece to pull the whole room together? Choose a unique large piece of art; the bigger the better! I'm a huge Audrey fan, so I absolutely fell in love with this somewhat abstract painting from IKEA. Set it in the centre of the room for instant attention grabbing!


Finally, if you're stuck on what to cover that empty wall with, try unique wall shelves. They're the cutest and simplest addition. Hang it up and add a little piece on top and Voila! That wall ain't so boring now, huh?

I hope this post has given you some inspiration as to decorating your room in the simplest -- yet effective -- ways.

Have you tried any of these? What do you think? Do you have any tips of your own? I'm always learning! Leave a comment below!

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